Making Maverick Ideas Work

Guidelines and tips for submitting to Maverick Ideas

Stay relevantMaverick Ideas was created to provide for an open discussion of ideas. Improving campus life, enhancing teaching and research, cutting costs, improving campus safety, generating revenue, and increasing efficiency are all prime examples of relevant topics.

Be clear — Faculty and staff should submit one idea per post. Keep your post to a single, clearly defined topic to help others gain understanding of that idea and determine how, or if, they will vote on it. Well-articulated posts include elements such as sufficient details, current programs and opportunities, viable solutions, potential benefits, possible challenges, and steps for success.

Keep concise — Attract readership and gain support for an idea by keeping submissions short and to the point. Colleagues need to quickly understand each idea and determine where they might stand on the issue in order to consider voting on it. Clarification and further understanding will come through the discussion and review process once a clear and concise idea is submitted.

Remain civilMaverick Ideas is an extension of our work environment and campus community. Therefore, all individuals submitting and/or commenting on ideas will be required to conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to our daily work environment. The University’s policy on misconduct and standards of conduct apply here, as do other applicable University policies and procedures. The Maverick Ideas Program Manager will remove inappropriate posts, including but not limited to material that is inaccurate, profane, or defamatory. When in doubt, consult your supervisor. Please also note that the submission and discussion of ideas cannot interfere with your work expectations or schedule and cannot become a disruption in the workplace.

Be appropriateMaverick Ideas is not a place to submit a personal grievance, complaints about supervisors or coworkers, or general frustrations about the University. These types of concerns should be shared through appropriate channels such as supervisors, Human Resources, University Compliance Services, and the Ethics Hotline. Additionally, this is not a forum to discuss local, state, or national politics, nor is it a chat room or bulletin board for the University community. Maverick Ideas should be considered a University facility, and it will be operated and maintained by the rules governing facility use.

Be YourselfMaverick Ideas is designed to be an open exchange that abides by all the standards of community responsibility and accountability. Therefore, all contributors are required to accurately represent their University identity to post topics. Attempts to try to change your user identity to something other than your actual name is not allowed and may result in having your post or comment removed by the moderator. Repeated attempts may result in having your account suspended. Please refer to the Office of Information Technology's policy for acceptable use for Web and email communications for more information.

Acceptable Use — You should follow the University’s Acceptable Use Policy just as you would on any other UT Arlington website.

The Maverick Ideas commitment to open discussion

Moderator for Guidelines — The Program Manager will serve as the site and idea submissions moderator. The Program Manager will be fair and reasonable and adhere to the Guidelines for Submitting Maverick Ideas prior to publishing any idea for public display.

Hot TopicsMaverick Ideas will not shy away from tough issues or challenging topics. However, inappropriate ideas or commentary will not be approved for submission by the Program Manager and may be removed from the site.

Status updates — Check the website for updates on the status of current top ideas and any UT Arlington initiatives that may also be linked to your ideas. You may also subscribe to the Maverick Ideas e-mail list or news feed.

With your input in mind — Maverick Ideas is open to all current UT Arlington faculty and staff with a current employee e-mail address ending in “” Maverick Ideas is not intended for students, alumni, or community members who are not current employees of UT Arlington.

Tracking Progress: The flow of Maverick Ideas

There are five possible stages to the overall life cycle of a submitted Maverick Idea. To determine the status of a submitted idea, contact Future enhancements to the website may also include additional news and status features.

Stage 1: Emerging Ideas
Upon approval by the Program Manager in meeting overall submission guidelines, all posted ideas enter this initial phase on the site and begin their community peer review and assessment.

Stage 2: University Community Review
Posted ideas are eligible for peer review by the University community through voting and the posting of comments. Popular ideas surface to the top based on community input and ranking. When top ideas pass a significant activity threshold (a high approval rating, qualified page views, and community votes) the Program Manager may move them on to the next stage of review and consideration.

Stage 3: Unit Review
At regular intervals, the Program Manager forwards top ideas to the appropriate unit liaison at the school/college/administrative level for assessment and further review. Ideas at this stage will be carefully considered for their overall feasibility, ability to improve effectiveness, reduce costs, save resources, create a safer and more productive work environments and advance our University mission. The unit review process will determine and assign the status for each idea reviewed:

  • Reviewed, found feasible, and approved for implementation.
  • Reviewed and requires further study.
  • Reviewed and merged or combined with a similar idea.
  • Reviewed and found to already be in place.
  • Reviewed and found not feasible for further consideration.

The president will ensure that ideas receive the proper consideration at all stages and has the final authority on assigning a final status to each idea.

Stage 4: Approved
Ideas that are approved are moved to this final stage to await implementation. An execution schedule, relevant to the overall scope and steps involved for each approved idea, will be created and carefully monitored until completion.

Stage 5: Implementation
Congratulations for helping us become a stronger institution. The President will recognize employees who submit implemented ideas.

Contacts — Please direct questions to