Cost Savings

Water Filling Stations

With so many events and programs on campus passing out reusable bottles and mugs, we need to install water filling stations to accommodate the use of these items. I recently contacted Pepsi to see how much bottled water has been purchased or donated to UTA since Pepsi began in December 2008. This is alarming and we really need to consider reducing our use of bottled water on campus. 4,194 cases have been either purchased or donated with 24 bottles per case that means there were 100,656 bottles of water used on this campus. Not knowing the size of the bottle but with the price of the 12 oz bottles at $10.55 per case and the 20 oz. bottles at $15.30 per case that totals anywhere between $40,000 to $60,000 dollars spent buying WATER on campus. This money could have been used to install a few filling stations around campus to encourage students to use those free bottles or mugs that they are getting at event.



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